Film By Us is a film & commercial production company. For us it is all about making great films with the clients & other creatives we work with. Great films that makes people laugh, cry, dance, learn something out of or just run to the store because of.


The idea/concept is by default our starting point. What’s the vision within? What are the needs for this specific production and how can we make it reality?
With a mixed background based on several years of working with music promos, commercials and feature films we often had the need to approach a film from new angles. Low budget/high budget, No time/a lot of time doesn’t really make such big difference. In the end it is all about to be able to focus on the questions above in all decissions.


We are located in the south of Stockholm but we shoot more or less everywhere from the Baltic region in the east to California in the west and Sweden in the north to Africa in the south. It all depends on whats best for the film.


We are currently shooting, editing, developing and working in preproduction.
Normally we like to have some time in advance to be able to develop a film properly and follow a well worked out timeplan…
but we know there isn’t always time for that.
So contact us today even for the film that needs to be done tomorrow or yesterday.